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Strip That Fat 

Strip That Fat Review

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Package Range:                                                      $ 47 (Gold Package )                                          $57 (Platinum Package)

Refund Policy:  60 days Money Back  Guarantee


Strip That Fat attempts to provide ongoing           support and information regarding weight loss  as membe access to their member's page .                                                                        
The calorie counting method that the program     teach is successful and healthy method, there     is little guesswork involved in counting your calories to lose weight. 
The program encourage you to take charge of your own goal to drop any number of pounds.             

This is what the program taught:      

  • How You Can Drop 14lbs in under 14 Days
  • What to Eat and When to Eat for Maximum Results
  • The "Secrets" About Water
  • How You Can Eat More Food and Lose More Weight
  • Why You Should Avoid Eating Salad
  • Why Eating Fat is better for you than you might think

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Actual Users Comments

What I really liked about the program was the ‘STF Diet Generator’ that came with it which will automatically create all your meals for you based on the prescribed diet program, so no more measuring or trying to come up with a meal plan. 

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Truth be told, All diets will work if you follow them 100% but some are not as healthy as others. I personally have not tried Strip that Fat yet but I know of others that have and they say it works great for them.  kenny w

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You see a lot of fad diets out there focus on a quick fix - that is not the way to lose weight permanently. With Strip That Fat your focus will be on long term, healthy weight loss rather than unhealthy short term "miracle" weight loss.

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It DOES work, it’s a very effective and time-efficient weight loss program.....the whole program is centered around actually KEEPING the weight off (which you do–it’s been 6 months and I’m still doing great.    

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