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The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Review

Are you indecisive whether to buy the “The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis” or not?

Why not read some feedback and comments from other real customers who had used it.

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Creator: Igor Ledochowski

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 Product Name : The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis

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Official Site Info

Arthur: Igor Ledochowski

Domain name:

Registrant Organization: WHOISGUARD, INC.

Registrant Street: P.O. BOX 0823-03411

Registrant City: PANAMA

Registrant State/Province: PANAMA

Package Range: $197

Refund Policy: 60-day guarantee

In this program, you will discover:


  • Section 1: How Conversational Hypnosis Gives You The Power To Get Others To Do Exactly What You Want!
  • Section 2: How To Instantly Develop A Deep Connection With People So You Can Almost “Read” Their Minds!
  • Section 3: How To Alter Anyone’s State Of Mind On The Spot And Lead Them Into A Mesmerizing Hypnotic Trance!
  • Section 4: Secrets Of Getting People To Follow Your Suggestions Without Giving It A Second Thought!
  • Section 5: The Key To Changing Another Person’s Behavior And Getting Them To Act Now On Your Specific Commands!
  • Section 6:  Advanced Hypnotic Language Secrets That Let You Slip Undetected Suggestions Into The Unconscious Mind Quickly And Easily!
  • Section 7: How To Tell Hypnotic Stories That Captivate A Subject’s Full Attention And Put You In Total Control Of Their Actions! Part I
  • Section 8: How To Create A Hypnotic Induction During Normal Everyday Conversation!
  • Section 9: How To Tell Hypnotic Stories That Captivate A Subject’s Full Attention And Put You In Total Control Of Their Actions! Part II
  • Section 10: How To Become So Irresistible Others Willingly Allow You To Direct Their Reality And Obediently Do As You Say!
  • Section 11: The Closely-Guarded Secrets Of Super Human Influence!
  • Section 12: How To Master Conversational Hypnosis As Fast As Humanly Possible!

You can visit the official site by Clicking Here

Actual Users’ Comments

Many people who have bought this program are very happy with the end results. This goes for “normal” people and professionals alike. If you are truly looking for a system that is not filled with junk–this is the course for you. Portion of actual user feedback from []
About the product – im half way through it and pretty amazed as your learning various techniques you actually feel like your hypnotized. Also if you get stuck theres an online support forum where you can get help from Igor himself. bonecollector Portion of actual user feedback from []
I’ve got the e-book/cd course and even though I haven’t really gotten too far into it from what I’ve done so far I dont think it’s too bad. Racxie Portion of actual user feedback from[]
“ When it comes to my endorsement of Igor’s program, my closing statement would have to be – When would ‘NOW’ be the best time to get in?! “I would be happy to embellish for anyone who has further questions.” Dave Munday Life Coach & Corporate Relationships Trainer Surrey, BC, Canada
I’ve been using this course to help me as increase sales (I sell high end corporate software) and all I can say is FANTASTIC. I have way more control of the meetings and my sales are showing it too! TALAN Portion of actual user feedback from []
If you are talking about Igor Ledochowski and Clifford Mee’s package, then I can tell you it is quite good. It will cover many of the basics of NLP/Conversational Hypnosis. It is a lot cheaper than attending many NLP training courses, but isn’t a substitute for a good trainer or hand-on course. What the audio lessons will do is give you an opportunity to evaluate this kind of hypnosis and see if you are willing to invest the time and money into learning it. Aaron A Portion of actual user feedback from [Yahoo Answer]

Click Here to visit The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis’s Official Site


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